maandag 1 augustus 2011

RED TIDE - trials of gee demo 1983 (victoria-BC-canada) NEW/BETTER VERSION!

a response to Brett's RED TIDE post on noise addiction...
had this up before with the suburban menace demo but the red tide kinda sucked soundwise,but this sounds awhoooooooole lot better,didnt clean it yet,so....if i can get it better than i repost it,but for now,put this before the liveset from na blog and you got a nice demo-live cdr! (will post laterrrrrrrrrr;-)
enjoy! & thx again to Rene!

02-fascist reign and human nature
03-outta my way
04-final question
05-incubator slide
06-big business
07-false acceptance
08-surf zone
09-Scott and co. with reverb
10-where sea meets sky (bonus track)

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  1. hey dan check this blog below,you'll find the full 25 song outta my way demo.
    its the full suburban menace demo.only renamed as red tide.

    ttp:// Tide