maandag 15 augustus 2011

CRISIS C - nihil obstat demo 1985 version 2!

more holland hc,YES! from Maastricht-Limburg
line  up was :

Raymond - vocals
Alain - guitar
Rene - bass
Simon - drums/vocals

thx to Rene PISLARVEN for the info & tunes!
he saw em play once in Alkmaar,he or one of his friends bought the tape,he just said,think it was yellow.... ha ha
so unfortunaly no tapecover,but this is nice to know...mistery solved

01-loyalty sucks
02-frequenz freaktent
03-voting secrets
05-effe niet
09-Ronnie is dead
10-stupid (first 2 minutes annoying as hell but than the usual good stuff ;-)
11-give us a break
12-get your fucking dog off me
13-nature's mistake
14-belsen was a gas
16-voting secrets (live)

1 opmerking:

  1. Dit was één van de bands die de muziekhistorie in de benelux, en daarna verder, hebben veranderd.

    Top band