maandag 15 augustus 2011

DEAD END - youth now demo 1984 (toronto-OT-canada)

more hc from canada,and again with some skate-surf-ish influences (think J.F.A.),so not all thrashers but all in all a great demo
note from the dude who ripped it in the folder!
mp3's needed a little bassboost & a few other corrections in channels..imho,so not 128 kbps but high quality 320 ha ha
have fun!
DEAD END - demo 1984

Pat Savage - vocals
Joe Average - guitar
Pete - bass
Daryl King - drums

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nothing plea$E$ me more than seeing a demo tape I ripped a decade+ ago and released in 128Kbps MP3 files being shared at 160, 192, 320... This is not so much to blame this blog (the original dingbat that pushed out 160Kbps versons with "added bass" is the real jack off that started it all - and he got it from which shared the original files un-altered) as it is a reminder that very often, what you find shared is nothing short of over-produced bullshit(re: tagged/"my name in lights...and my blog").

    If a blog/site is all about self-promotion, and does so by "using other people's stuff", or in this case, "fixing it by fucking with it", its not worth bothering with.

  2. OFAL,butchering the classics!!! LOOOOOL,i had some good days and alot of bad ones,blame me,don´ t give a fuck.suck it up,and get a life!


  3. and your rip of 128 kbps didn't do justice to the orig. either,so wtf are you talking about "using other peoples stuff" do you own the rights to it??? stop bitching dude...