donderdag 11 augustus 2011

YOUTH OF TODAY - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam-the netherlands-europe 2010 cd-r

yeah,the Y.O.T.!
this is a great set,lots of bullshit talk on the net...
 and i had my thoughts too,but when i came back after a few months,my slsk buddy Pat,ripped this from a video,remixed it a bit and here it is kids

a good sounding Y.O.T. reunion
01-flame still burns
02-take a stand
04-stabbed in the back
05-positive outlook
06-potential friends
07-shout it
08-one family
09-slow down
11-can't close my eyes
12-youth of today
14-a time we'll remember
15-break down the walls

i can write some bullshit story too,but that doesnt change anything,if you were there that night,you could not complain.GREAT SET!!!
listened alot to em in my younger days,and still play their records-live stuff so to me this is a nice addition to the yot livestuff i have,gonna convert some older vids and upload some in this post later....

flyer art by Michiel walrave

dl live set here,maybe a link with  dr covers laterrrrrrr,gonna do a little cut too (sorry pat;-) only a sec or something from each track so you dont hear the skip between songs,im picky ;-0...but later...
go check it out!

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