maandag 22 augustus 2011

UBER - to the toilet demo 2006 (spain)

best band in spain at the moment imho...

catchy as hell punk 'n' roll...
hope they will release a full length one day,coz the 7 inches are awseome,but always too short
maybe some sort of disco later but not really into posting stuff thats still available in stores don't pin me down on that one....
but here's their 1st effort.
ordered a few tapes for distro overhere when it came out,but tapes were gone,well almost...1 left....
so Uri thought he dissapointed me,but most important thing to me was offcourse that i got myself a copy ha ha
told him i wanted that last copy reaaaal bad,he laughed and said,give me your adress and ill send it for FREE!
ohhhhh yeaah! you don't see that much anymore,people giving stuff away for free
so the guy rules forever!
here it is,scans could be better but too lazy to scan em seperate

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