dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

ADIEKSODO - diaspora demo 1984 (greece)

ADIEKSODO from greece started out in 1983 and existed till 1986 if  i'm not mistaken...
all i know is the demo + the lp,but as usual,i prefer this one,rough recordings,lp is a bit polished but still a great listen and on my want list for awhile
but talking about the demo...
CLASSIC STUFF! yeah im saying this in almost every post,but this is truly amazing,cleaned a bit too so no tapenoise!
7 tracks with a vocalist with a good dose of anger in'his voice,aka pissed ;-)
lyrics deal with the political situation in greece back than but its now a mess too,so for all the folks in Greece,heres some fuel to flan the flame of discontent...
and Mike 15 counts of arson: if you have any cool stories/pics ,lemme know!



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