donderdag 4 augustus 2011

!LIBERATE! - demo 2006 (los angeles-CA)

released on tape and a couple on cd-r
supposed to do an euro press of the tape but unfortunaly it didnt work out...(it wasnt me ha ha and i'm sure im doing a record by a latino band in the near future with less slow,so it's just a matter of time & $ this point...
but the !liberate! tape had some bad endings so did a few fadeouts,its way better now,that was the only bad thing about this demo,so what are you waiting for???

pissed off latino hc/fastcore the way it should be,raw as fuck compared to the 7'',but that's a ripper too,so... make sure you pick it up (amor y passion)

after this back to the "HOLLAND HC MONTH,yeah month,a week is too short...were still in the eighties,90's till now will follow too!

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