dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

eye candy: SIN ORDEN - live @ bar uno,santiago-chile 2009 video!


click link above and full screen player should appear...if not go to vimeo and dl it,burn it to dvd,looks way better on big screen!

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  1. Hi, feel free to take what you want off my blo at Toronto Thrash, appreciate you linking me. I put your site in the abundance of links on mine too.

    I wish I had more D.O.G.,
    I used to have more live shows, including STICKMAN ,the garage rock band, that Terry the singer had after, he started with Craig-gtr (singer from The Alcohol Preps,from Mississuaga too,and the drummer was Dean, who later was in RAGGADEATH,and is now in a punk band again I heard)

    Everybody should grab all that they can off the net from everybody, because what if it it disappears tomorrow?

  2. THX!
    and just found your blog so i got something to read/dl in the next weeks ;-)
    and glad your thinking the same about the music you have on your blog.
    thats the whole idea behind my blog too!
    stuff needs to be heard!!!!!
    thx again and ill send over the whole thing when done!

    take care