donderdag 4 augustus 2011

MONEY DOGS - salute to America (let's blow this fucker up) demo 1983 + birth defect comp. tracks (NY)

for Adrian!

and ya'll
a rarity but unfortunaly it misses track #7,if anyone has it,lemme know! so i can complete this,would be nice!
NY hardcore,with NO THANKS guitar player Rob Urie...

as a bonus i cut up the birth defect comp tracks and added those so 11 tracks in total!

01-narrow mind theme
02-new wave
03-sick society
04-no fun (peace Moscow)
05-count your friends
06-dumb fucker
07-stop it
08-nice day
10-peace Moscow
11-America's falling
12-fun never ends

YEAH,finally mp3's! audacity does it too as 320 kbps,so why converting wav's right
took me awhile to find out ha ha

3 opmerkingen:

  1. great stuff,was after this for ages.

  2. heres the

    Borscht - Primitive Borscht Demo Tape