donderdag 11 augustus 2011

3D JESUS - demo 1983 (ann arbor-MI)

demo is floating around with too much distortion/too loud and whatever more
changed it a bit so it won't hurt your ears...
think it's done,can fool around longer but probably gonna ruin it...still a little bit tapenoise in it,but if i try to get rid of that last bit,sound is changing too much,so im gonna leave it like this...

02-fed up with the feds
04-i hate the world
05-Phil Donahue show
06-my car sucks
08-paranoid shiz
09-takin' a shit on company time
10-what are you gonna do?
11-what you get is what you take

raw as fuck sooooooo  PLAY LOOOOOOOUUUUUD! your neighbors will curse you again probably but fuck 'em,sounds goooooood!

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