donderdag 11 augustus 2011

DAS BRÉÉTELS - rehearsals '82-'83 + studio session '88 & live @ ATTAK '89 (sliedrecht-papendrecht)

more dutch hardcore as promised...
had this up before,not sure if it were the cleaned rehearsals or the orig files...
but here are they again,cleaned up and with bonus the studio session from 1988
and a full set (45 min.) as 1 track in ATTAK Enschede the Netherlands 1989,still have to cut it into seperate tracks,but since i have no titles i leave it like this for now
38  in one folder,the liveset in another,2 hours of poldercore hits ;-0

Iris - vocals
Jos - vocals
Rene - guitar
Stephan - bass
Ron - drums
unfortunaly i'm not old enough to know more about em,i was 13 yrs old in '89 and started listening to hc punk in ca '90 so blame my parents for not giving birth to me earlier...but one of the members posted a message in the other post,hope he will see this post too and gives us some nice info,who knows...

and PIPOKOEIE rehearsals later! has some DAS BRÉÉTELS members if im not mistaken,never released anything not even a demo i think,so all rehearsal stuff,still cleaning,but expect some faaaaaaaaast hc ala DAS BREETELS/LARM,maybe a bit faster at times,great stuff!

rehearsals + studio session

liveset @ ATTAK,Enschede,the Netherlands 1989 as 1 track (soundboard)

they didnt fit in a mediafire link both!

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  1. you removed the cursed (live session) post?
    one another ace

  2. was only 1 track,unknown thingy,but i fucked up the first part of the set,so have to cut that again..will be up as soon i got it right...Dan

  3. Nice! I played the drums in DB, Pipokoeie and Anarcrust, keep it coming!