maandag 8 augustus 2011

JERK WARD - reunion @ Logan's 12'' record-AYECH book release party 2007

Kev,John,Rob,Ricky Logan's 2007

Kev & Rob Logan's 2007

Rob,Ricky,Steve Logan's 2007

Steve @ reunion Logan's 2007

JERK WARD - reunion-too young to thrash 12'' lp/all your ears can hear book releasy party 07-28-2007

not sure if its a soundboard or audience recording but to me this sounds badass!!!
Ricky doing vocals,replacing his brother Randy who died in a motor accident years ago in thailand
sure he does a great job,the band sounds great after all these years
tonight ill write down some history about jerk ward,2 members played in the neos too,and theres awhole lot more to write down

if you wanna check out the demo ,they re released it on SUPREME ECHO records awhile ago,remastered and with 2 bonus tracks,great packing  & hand # /300 and its still available,so get your copy now or cry later.

audio here:

enjoy and make sure the angry salmon doesn't get you ;-0

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