zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

UNWANTED - in case of emergency,kick ass!!! demo '83 (winnipeg-MB-canada)

1st 2 pics were flyers ,butchered for a cd-r front-inside,but all 3 stolen from the place to be for canada hc,EXD blogspot,see link on the left!
last pic from the only bandmember that didn't reunite with the rest coz hes playing in another band at the moment ...
GG Allien...the rest of the band reunited in 2006/7 and theres some footage floating around on the net,different but not bad for sure,a lady in the line up too,so thats sweeeet'
but were talking about this demo & this KICKS BUTT!!!
quality could be better but i did my best...4/5 hours later and i've got this...


01-die a slave
02-why do you ask?
03-self contradiction
04-shit for brains
05-color blind
06-you can make it
07-prison of time
09-dog house
10-forced boredom
13-society's grudge

20 minutes of classic canada hc

1983 demo here:

anyone intrested in a liveset from '85? flyer above,not my cup of tea coz  thats 2 yrs later and they slowed down, more metallic sounding stuff..,but lemme know if you want it uploaded...

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