woensdag 18 mei 2016

L'INFANTERIE SAUVAGE - demo's-live 1982-1983 (france)

this one took a couple of yrs to upload...lots of bullshit, vocalist did a nazi band after this...DESPISE YOU!!! and it reminded me of some other french dumbfuck/s...still hate you...LOOOOL
but at this time,this band was ok, good punk/oi whatever you wanna call it... no rightwing bullshit!!!
they re-issued some of their stuff last couple of yrs...you should check it...coz i took out too many hiss and didn,t repaired channels seperated so...no cd quality...but who cares right, this is still nice and it's time to leave the bullshit behind, this was a great band! PLAY LOUD/STAY PISSED!!! (in a good way...)



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