zaterdag 21 september 2013

BAD INFLUENCE - together we are stronger than they think...demo 1985 (belgium)

BAD INFLUENCE - together we are stronger than they think...demo 1985 from belgium
recorded in a old customs office @ the dutch border,by a member of dutch band the SCROUNDRELS: Patrick de Labie...
theres a whole bio written on the smurfpunx blog so....go read it yourself at the bottom of the page!

& thx to Jacques for putting this up

bumped post from 2011,new link requested so here it is.

cleaned it up a bit but not satisfied yet,so another version later,but got this for months done so here it is,more on the metallic side,some tracks with female vocals,and yeah those tracks kick butt!
politicians stink,fighting ain't no use,your choice,alternatives,would you...favorite tracks overhere
go pick yours.

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  1. Cheers for mentioning Smurfpunx.
    I still have this demo and had found it online elsewhere... Has this been released as a CD?
    Looking forward to hear more of Brutal Society...
    Any chance for anything of Dona Nobis Pacem? People seem to have forgotten about them but they were excellent.
    Brob Tilt! (Smurfpunx)

  2. hey Brob,
    nice to see you on here...
    and no the cdr cover is something i made for on the blog/own collection so no bootleg or anything ;-)
    i never heard of Dona Nobis Pacem but ill keep an eye out,ask around a bit!
    thx for checking out my blog!

  3. Dan!?
    Mail me via the Smurfpunx-blog contact-address please?

  4. Hey Dan & Brob,
    a split live tape of Dona Nobis Pacem with Chumbawamba can be found here:
    E.N.E. from Groningen wanted to do a split album with DNP but that never happened. I have another live recording from 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerpen.

  5. Hiya Curious ;-)
    I was at that gig of DNP in 1000 Appeltjes.
    Is the recording you have on-line?