donderdag 12 september 2013

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation cd-r #6

01-LANDVERRAAD (the netherlands) - the F
02-DAMNIT HONEY (japan) - kusokaisya
03-MORE THAN A JOKE (U.K.) - at some point in this conversation
04-BASTARD DECEIVER (U.$.A) - sweller
05-TEEN WOLVES (U.$.A.) - bedtime stories
06-CURMUDGEON (U.$.A.) - spineless
07-VIOLENT RESTITUTION (canada) - murderous colonialist assimilators
08-CONGENITAL DEATH (U.$.A.) - empty
09-DE FATWA's (the netherlands) - lafaard
10-LAS OTRAS (spain) - asesinas
11-RAJAT (finland) - valinpitamattomyys
12-BURIED AT BIRTH (U.$.A.) - ready player one
13-KATMA (serbia) - nonaono
14-AVFART 33 (sweden) - packa og ack
15-KHATARINA (finland) - traitor
16-EVAZIJA (croatia) - like a weed
17-MOMS ON METH france) - the company we keep
18-SHALLOWS (U.$.A.) - late heavy bombardment
19-OUTLOOK (U.$.A.) - living for more
20-ZOMBIE DOGS (U.$.A.) - nerd in the pit
21-LOS WEBELOS (spain) - acción
22-DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVO (austria) - deseperación
23-REPLICA (U.$.A.) - sycophant
24-DESTRUYE Y HUYE (U.$.A) - oscura socieda
25-VICIOUS PLEASURES (U.$.A.) - above the horizon
26-GENERACION SUICIDA (U.$.A.) - mil amores
27-VANNA INGET (sweden) - nödsignal
28-BELGRADO (spain) - panopticon 
29-OBEDIENCIA (spain) - edificios
30-CRIATURAS (U.$.A.) - anarkia
31-HEADWIND (U.$.A) - what it's comes to
32-DEATH FIRST (U.$.A.) - trapped
33-DETOX (lebanon) - bombsucker
34-ASSHOLE ADULT (U.$.A.) - shell shocked
35-PETTURIN PALKKA (finland) - mellakkasoppa
36-FORCE QUIT (canada) - bodily domain
37-RETCHER (U.K.) - your conscience
38-SUICIDAS (austria-spain) - cuerda floja
39-ANTIKLIMAX (finland) - suuntaviitat
40-KLINIKA (poland) - czym jest wiar

after a year of listening/adding/removing bands i think it's done...
these are my favorite songs from their records-demo's
think it came out really nice.
from latino punk to powerviolence,so something for everybody!
and make sure you shake your booty to the last track!
almost 70 minutes of female fronted latino/chicano/hardcore/punk/powerviolence/grind whatever...

 go check em out,and buy their records!


thx to Dave for some quality rips.

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  1. Hey,unfortunately the file got deleted, would be awesome if you coud reupload it :)