donderdag 19 september 2013

KOSZMAR - live @ blackwater records,portland-OR september 9, 2013 (vancouver-BC-canada)

remember the polska dupa/iphone demo i released last year?,probably not, coz none of you fuckers bought it...
here's another one that might end up on a tape,coz this rips from start to finish!
to me this is one of the best d-beat-crust punk whatever you wanna call it influenced bands outthere right now.
on this tour they had a different line up...
but the drummer is a maniac and Foat charged/distort filling in on bass does a great job also.
they just released their full length lp "jeniec wojenny" on:

charged/distort & rust and machine recs (site/store = closed/under maintenance at the moment)

havent heard the full record yet,so can't say a thing about it.
but you can listen to a preview here:

pick it up! 
lim. white vinyl ed. with obi still available i think...

think they've got a 7'' in the works too,with re-recorded demotracks on it.
keep an eye out for it!

now it's time to annoy your neighbors.

or stream/dl from here:



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  1. the upcoming 7" is all new tracks, seven in total. Might be out by the end of the year or early next year through Konton Crasher label. contact koszmarpunk (at) gmail (dot) com for record/merch, we still have white vinyl with obi strip editions as well as black vinyl available. We have wholesale prices as well for anyone interested. Thanks!