zondag 22 april 2012

RAYGUN - demo 1985 + 7'' (finland) VERSION 2!


butchered the first version,this came out lots better!
might be redoing track #15 again but for now im sick of it...so laterrrrr

or maybe not...coz this could be the last upload on OLD FAST AND LOUD...can't upload anymore pics,or i have to pay for extra storage,and not planning to do so...tried to remove some from blog but same problem again,google thingy is full so not sure what to do...new blog? well see...

track 9-11 are so f$%&*%^ing good!
amazing guitarsound in this stuff!
theres an lp out with some of the demotracks???? on it,go look for it!
it has 10 unreleased tracks on it
havent heard it yet,so cant say a thing about it...

but here you have the complete demo from 1985 + 3 tracks from the 1987 7'' all cleaned up for your pleasure ;-0

1985 demotape

01-vallatut maat
03-auttamaton juoppo
04-älä alistu
05-onx tää vapaa maa
06-aivopesty kansakunta
07-todellisuutaa et voi paeta
08-lisää sotilaita lisää aeita
09-ohjelmoitua elämää
10-ohjuxet (kylvää kuolemaa)
11-kauhua & väkivaltaa

1987 7''

14-ohjuxet (kylvää kuolemaa)
16-auttamaton juoppo

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