donderdag 19 april 2012

DEAD NATION - face the nation/cenk e.p./painless 7'' session (all 3 the orig mix) & live on WFMU radio


DEAD Dave uploaded the 7'' -es + 2 comp tracks in a great quality somewhere on the net,think from master or something coz you dont hear any vinyl cracks/pops
so for those who wanna hear the orig mix of the 3 7''-es' (re-mastered version of the 7 inches/comp tracks = the phassing phase lp...)
available from
as bonus a liveset they recorded on WFMU radio in NJ in end '99 or 2000 i think
these dude were good,real goooooooood!

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  1. hey! thanx a lot for these Dead Nation posts, this is one of the best blogs ever!!! if you ever get some Tear It Up live recordings, don`t hesitate to put it on the blog!!! keep it up!!!

    The Snake

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. hey Dan!

    great, can`t wait for TIU post and Painless extras!!! Tear It Up is the best band ever and did you know that they live in my room :)
    I posted on my bands blog links for your blog and for Dead Nation stuff on your blog, I hope that it`s OK yith you...
    just keep `em coming!

    The Snake

  4. Excellent post - hell yeah!!! - Thanks a lot man... =)