donderdag 26 april 2012

VIOLENT FUTURE - demo 2012 (canada)

best demo of 2012 sofar!!!

hardcore how it should sound!
no metal influences or whatever ,just good old fashioned pissed off early 80's styled stuff
there's also some 86 mentality/urban blight in it
actually members are playing in UB also
great production so this looks/sounds amazing!

released by the band themselve in canada,in europe through STATIC SHOCK recs from the u.k.
they released 100 copies of this on a pro duplicated tape
its sold out through static shock recs ,BUT you still can get copies from the band ...just ordered mine + 4 for go for it!
dutch folks can pick one up in the LESS SLOW distro soon,DONT BUY recs will have copies soon also!
go buy it,STUFF RULES!!!!

free download of the demo in m4a here

mp3's here


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