zondag 26 april 2009

ANTI ARMADA - anti armados demo '07

ANTI ARMADA - anti armada demo '07 128 kbps 7 tracks

again a great band from new jersey,but this time not the normal stuff
this is male-female fronted hc-punk-crust done well,really well
there were plans to put this demo onto vinyl,but guess that didnt work out
im looking for their live tape as mp3,anyone can hook me up?


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks!!! gracias!!!

    Dan, you make my day bro!

  2. hahaha. i know these guys and girl personally! cheers. question where did you get the demo?

  3. from one of the members on slsk ;-) ,he played also in RABIA (from NY)...will upload their stuff soon,they also did 2 good demos;-)

  4. upgrade the link to mediafire or something.. it is nice to remember this tracks.. have you heard the 7" and the LP of AA yet?