vrijdag 16 april 2010

BONES BRIGADE - live @ radiobeat-WERS,boston-MA 2004 or 5 ?

some old bb pics of my collection,at that time i was only missing the dfa/bb test pressing
need to take a new pic but havent added much new stuff,but still a few not pictured
also in the collection:
orig. demotape red insert
endless bummer 10'' on SHO recs reg press/cover
endless bummer 10'' on SHO recs pre order cover #110/150
endless bummer 10'' TEST PRESS
focused lp tour cover screened (black printing) blue wax
i hate myself when im not skateboarding lp mailorder edition on COALITION recs # 66/100 black wax
i hate myself when im not skateboarding lp reg press on COALITION
POOL/JAW skatedeck bloody knuckles recs
still need all those represses on SFU recs and coalition did some more pressings but spending most $ on my label now and not so much in multiple copies for collections anymore...but finish what you started right ;-) ill get my hands on those in the future,pretty sure ;-)

After reading miss Megan's post on her blog about the brigade,i also got tears in my eyes LOL

but dont know who the guy in her post is,but im not selling my bb collection... but made this,will send you a copy in 7'' format when done! ;-)

back will follow later and days ahead discography cd-r covers too...

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