zaterdag 9 november 2013

NARCOLEPTICS - st demo 2013 (chicago-IL)

submitted by Bradley who does guitar duties in NARCOLEPTICS.
and i have to thank him for this one.

getting submissions every now and then but most of em are not my cup of tea so they don't make it onto the blog.
but this one's a ripper!!!
raw as fuck,fast,hardcore/punk with a little d-beat flavor.
somehow i'm getting flashbacks to the 1st THINK I CARE 7'' ,maybe its the vocals,brutal as fuck!
so you need to check this out.
members are also playing in SLAG,HAWAIIAN PUNCH,ROTOZAZA & TMNE...

all you cheap ass mp3 collectors can d/l it for free on bandcamp.

or use the mediafire link Bradley sended:

or buy a physical copy for a change,3 bucks + the postage to wherever you live.
note:the paypal checkout doesn't add int. shipping.
just order it,and paypal the shipping costs later.
only 100 made! recorded on both sides.
and a demo from a chicago band thats not sold out yet,can you believe it?
bought 3 copies,so i feel real lucky today lol.


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