maandag 3 maart 2014

NEW CRIME & THE STASI - 2014 DEMO'S (philadelphia-PA)

2 new bands from Philly,
both really good!
STASI demo is officialy out/available and the new crime tape is almost done,theyre waiting for the artwork and than its ready to go

check out THE STASI here: (includes a mediafire link in the description)

NEW CRIME - demo here:

ill put up the mp3's when i got a tape/all titles....
and you should check out Jake's youtube channel for some cool hc-punk vids,mostly full gigs,awesome.

the intro for the NEW CRIME demo SUUUUCKS!
but from 2:30 till the end of the tape its ridicilous good,raw/sloppy punk wih a great bass sound. "no fucking talent"
if you are into the BAD NOIDS/WET BRAIN and bands like that,do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.


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