zondag 8 februari 2015

M.D.C. - live @ parkhof,alkmaar-the netherlands-europe 1988 (soundboard)

toxic waste was ripped poorly ,couldnt fix the bad editing job. sorry

so...M.D.C. will be up next.


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  1. i've left that msg before but couldn't find where and since it has no result, i'll leave it again.

    please do not post lossless files (flac or wav) if the files you made them from have been encoded to mp3 or other lossy format (YES that includes also ogg).

    as you absolutely do not know, encoding wav to mp3 delete frequencies which do not come back when you encode mp3 to wav. the result: a clearly visible cut of the frequencies above 16000Hz which wasn't there in the original wav.

    thats a very annoying trend, since records label start doing the same thing, selling crapping mp3 on cd that you have downloaded for free.... just check last gbh bootleg on cleopatra, the live in dover 1983: they took the music from fucking youtube hahaha!!!

  2. told you before i only post wav/lossless files AFTER ive worked on em in audacity,get it this time? cleaned up those shitty flac files you guys posting on punk torrents and those other elite sites...i'm not doing anything wrong,
    after taking out hiss ,damaged parts,banter etc than im exporting the files as wav so all i'm doing is giving you the best quality of the cleaned up version,get it??? told you before i'm not encoding WAV's to mp3 without doing anything to the sound etc...think your not knowing what i'm doing on here sir.


    1. go check those DK earth tavern WAV's and the original flac files from PT,good example of what i'm doing here...than come back

  3. ill convert the MDC @ parkhof to WAV simply because i hate playing FLAC files,..so don't start crying when i post that one,thx!

    after ive downloaded the files to my comp, it are MY files,i can decide what i do with em,not some dickheads on PT or whatever site...
    you guys want me to listen to shitty rips for the rest of my life with hiss and damaged parts etc etc
    why should i when i can clean em up with audacity ? explain?

  4. as far as i know, removing frequencies above 16000k never made things sounds better......otherwise encoding to mp3 would make recordings sound better.

    by the way, you could go lower... if i use a fft filter set to keep everything above 12000, all i hear is hiss but only if the volume knob of the amp is nearly at 3/4 of max (while listening to your version of 1st track, volume at 1/4 make it too loud for ordinary listening)

    so i bet you could get the same result without having to remove all those frequencies. that earth tavern is not what you can call an hissy show by the way
    oh yeah you quite fucked up the beginning of 1st track, you removed a bit too much of junk (as you said, i like those banters) and you should have made it start 9 sec earlier, at the drum roll.

  5. by the way, why would i cry if you post mdc in wav??? wav or flac, it does not matter, the latter is only convenient as it take slightly less hdd space for the same quality.
    that single comment just make me wonder if you really understand the differences between the different format....
    i'll give you my 2 cents on what you could do. as you don't like banters, why don't make a separate file for them so that you can quickly go to the next track or do not include them in your playlist if you don't like them. so that the people who enjoy them (it's part of the live experience imho) can get them instead of a butchered version?
    also instead of uploading plenty of different format to archive.org, let's stick to wav and mp3. just as long as i have the wav, i can convert them to any format i like....(and my complain is that your wav file looks too much like an mp3 anyway).
    also uploading wav+mp3 of the original files you use to make your remaster could be a good idea, so people can hear how great they sound now.

  6. i'm not removing any frequencies,that's what i'm trying to tell you...i'm just fooling around in audacity till it sounds good/better on my stereo,all that matters.
    and my WAV's look like mp3's LOL???????, that's how audacity exports em,...same goes for the mp3's...can't help it,you gotta live with it ;-0
    and the archive.org converts em to all those formats...i'm not uploading those files, only uploading WAV's & mp3's, archive converts em to FLAC,OGG etc...recently they added more and more crap you don't need.like those png's etc...NOT UPLOADED BY ME!. but too lazy to remove all by hand,takes too much time,same goes for uploading the orig version of "remastered" versions...
    this blog already takes too much of my time so again:
    live with it,or leave it,...
    i'm not gonna changing anything....
    that DK took me 5 weeks,every night a few hours, i don't care about those 9 seconds, this is it. done with it. and banters can be nice,but not if they are full with tuning sounds/noises,hiss etc,and 10 min. long.., i'm not gonna listen to that shit,lives too short!
    who wants too listen to 10 min. of tuning????



  7. Please re-upload http://old-fast-and-loud.blogspot.ca/2009/08/youth-of-today-make-change-1987-1988.html

    here is a video upload whoch I dont have the exact date for, or the set list.


    audio-64 kbps
    length-48:12 minutes

    188 MB
    Youth Of Today.1988.the Anthrax, Norwalk.CT