donderdag 10 september 2009

DEAD KENNEDYS - live @ paradiso,amsterdam-the netherlands 05-12-'82

bitrate 224 kbps
i was 8 yrs old when they played overhere,funny...
the dead kennedys were actually the first real hc/punk band i heard at age 13/14...listened to the crossover stuff like D.R.I./ACCUSED/SUICIDAL/EXCEL etc...but nothing like this before
remembered i didnt like the vocals back then,but hey i was 14 and also still listening to death/thrash metal ;-) but i liked the music,and got frankenchrist + fresh fruit on tape from a buddy on school.
played those tapes for many years till i bought the 18/19 yrs later,they're still my favorite punk band and Jello has a great voice that made em stand out from the other punk bands,kinda same like Watty from the exploited,he also had a great punk voice...but they had bullshit lyrics
DK had well though political lyrics,has to be your cup of tea but even if your not really into politics,they rock!
originally this came with another bootleg cover but i think mine looks better,and its my blog so no complaints aight! ;-)
now go get this piece of history!