vrijdag 11 september 2009


more youth crew,but the good/faster type of stuff
NJ band so can't go wrong,pretty sure there's something in the water of the jersey shore,because almost every band i know from NJ is damn good
FLOORPUNCH recently played the TIH fest in philly... Sunny from http://www.hate5six.com/ did an amazing job filming all the bands,incl a floorpunch show,he uploaded it tonight to http://www.vimeo.com/
at the time i looked the vid wasnt converted yet,but check in the next days!!!
here's an old set from the last euro tour in de lintfabriek,that's closed now after 27 yrs of live music,think they started back in '82... R.I.P.
not sure what it is,sbrd or aud,but the quality lies somewhere in between,pretty good!
if i can find the show @ frontline in Gent-belgium on data dvd,ill upload it in this folder and will change covers,but no luck sofar ;-)