zaterdag 5 juni 2010

AMSTERDAMNED - DOPE! '82-'83 cd-r NEW VERSION!!!!!!!!!

amsterdamned didnt release anything by themselve, they appeared twice on a compilation (als je haar maar goed zit released on vogelspin recs in '82 and some bootleg 7'')

liveset from 1982,recorded from the board @ paradiso A'dam in '82,it sounds amazing,luv that bass sound,too bad you don't hear it in modern day recordings anymore
a nice piece of dutch hardcore/punk history

set at de buze is alot rougher/raw as the a'dam set but both great,2 titles of de buze set are unknown to me,hope someone can fill em in!

!!!!!!!! new link with covers incl and correct track titles and 2 removed tracks (noise) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great gem my friend! I really like the holland old school hardcore!
    Thanks a lot for this shit, long time searching tunes of Amsterdamned! great!

    Any chance to put some Disgust demo stuff? i had their "The last Blast" but would be great hear tapes or so.

  2. YOHO,
    DISGUST recently released an lp version of the demo & 7'' on the belgium noise and distortion label! you should check it out,came out real nice
    but ill put up some other non lp stuff
    youll be served soon mister!


  3. There's going to be a 7" out from Amsterdamned on my label Gummopunx records.It will contain the als je haar maar goed zit songs and 3 unreleased songs one from paradiso'82 and 2 songs from rare '87 demo.

  4. Glad you all like my old stuff!

    Rock on, Wilco
    (on guitar)