dinsdag 29 juni 2010


by DANLIFTINGBANNER (yours truly ;-)

a trip down memory lane...

after 20 years i picked up my pencills again and went back to my schooldays
ive got an education as an ordinaryhousepainter...

but when your learning to paint doors,ceilings and shit,they also teach you "commercial painting" you know,back in the day everything was painted,names from stores,stuff on windows whatever,but like many old professions,this kinda died

the computer does the same job,sometimes even better and alot faster

i was tired of cleaning up stuff on my comp,so decided to start painting again

decks this time..,and i suprised some people including myself

this are the first 6 i made,the yellow was the 1st attempt and came out nice after 20 yrs so... started on the white ST deck,16 hours later it was done and i think it came out really nice,now im hooked and gonna paint all cool drawning i can find ha ha

the EXCEL deck is a remake of the collectable excel skates deck,you cant see it on the shitty pic but it has also "skates" painted in green underneath the skull

a neighbor gave me a pic of Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan movies,no shitty pic but in animation/pin up style,wasnt sure if i could do it...im no picasso;-)

but started and 12 bottles of coke,4 gr weed and 25 hours (spread over 1,5 week) later,i ended up with the one pictured and even i wanna hang it on my wall,its a cheap deck but it fits nicely...

70% is done with my middle finger (all grey-ish stuff) so i "fingered" Tinkerbell for a few hours LOL

but serious,gonna continue painting for sure,got 2 R.K.L. designs ready and a BGK one+ an exorcist design/painting so gonna use this blog for posting my skate deck paintings too.like it or not,im gonna pose around ;-)

if you got some cool drawnings,send em over,luv challenges!

better/more piocs later,just finished a beowulf deck and a new cycotic youth deck,the one on the pic is done too,but changed the bottom to "santa monica suicidals'' removed the venice california...top has 3 skulls...youll see,it looks better now...


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