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THE METS/AWFUL NOISE (most exciting terror system) - my generation 1982-1984 (delftzijl-the netherlands)

01-06 KLIK 12''  pressing 500 recorded in january 1982, D.I.Y. release

Gerlof Timmer - bass-vocals
Martin Dekker - guitar-vocals
Wilco van Diest - guitar
Emiel - drums

Emiel left the band in September 1982,his replacement is Willem Hoekstra

07-15 THE METS/AWFUL NOISE - nie wieder tape
 recorded in december 1982
don't have any info on this tape,it was released by Sabotage records
thx to Jacques for sharing an good version of this tape!

shortly before they recorded the split lp with ULTRAKORT Martin left the band.

THE METS/ULTRAKORT split lp 1984

Gerlof Timmer - bass-vocals
Willem Hoeskstra - drums-trumpet
Wilco van Diest - guitar-backing vocals

after the lp Martin returns but this time handling the bass,Gerlof starts playing the 2nd guitar
in the end they were a trio,think they stopped playing in 1986.


reunion time in mr. Jansen's Bar,delftzijl-appingedam

Gerlof Timmer - bass-vocals
Martin Dekker - guitar-drums
Wilco van Diest - guitar-vocals
Willem Hoekstra - drums

1982-1984 recordings + 3 extra tracks from their reunion


01-i am no one
02-once upon a time
04-throw them from their chairs
05-i don't wanna be a soldier
06-lost and lonely
07-fuck off
08-crazy alley
09-hands off
11-smurfsong (FATHER ABRAHAM)
12-wat wilst du nouw? (RAMONES parody)
13-the music we make
14-werkeloos (translation : favorite track! this is how punk should sound kids!)
15-my generation
16-the most excisting terror system
17-big brother's gonna die tonight
18-case: R.L.
19-burn down Palermo
20-we don't want your war
21-not my generation
22-a war solution
23-it's comming
24-i hate bloody coppers
25-alternative (live-THE EXPLOITED)
26-throw them from their chairs (live)
27-big brother's gonna die tonight (live)

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