donderdag 30 januari 2014

KONORREA - live @ moon,seoul-korea november 3,2012 last show ever???? / live @ latino fest-NYC 2014 (korea)

damn,what a line up.

generacion suicida (LA)
eutanasia from peru
pura mania from canada
suicidas from spain
konorrea from korea
ruidosa inmundicia from austria
eske from chicago
+ a bunch of other LA/NYC bands...and think i saw sin orden somewhere too,but not on the flyer??

some are well known names but KONORREA for example is pretty unknown.
their demo is hard to find.
but heard Sin Temores recs is gonna do copies of the demotape .
so keep an eye out for em in the next months...
KONORREA had Diego from ANTI ARMADA in it if im not mistaken,think he played with em while he was there...but not sure...
dude is currently struggling in Indonesia.
playing in a band for food,shelter etc..,remember punk kids? 
thought KONORREA broke up in 2012
coz the audio below is recorded at their "last"? show
but as you can see on the flyer they will be playing in NYC latino fest in august.
mayybe demo recordings later,but 
here's what to expect live.

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