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SHEER TERROR - kaos for Kristin e.p. pic disc,a benefit for Kristin Magee's family & friends

normally i don't post promo's and stuff,hate it...
but this is something different.

January 13, 2014
Brian Rocha

Ryan Feldman

'Kaos For Kristin' available now on vinyl 7" picture disc and iTunes via Dead City Records 

NEW YORK, NY - New York Hardcore veteran, Sheer Terror, has teamed up with to stream the band's new three-song EP 'Kaos For Kristin' in its entirety. Featuring three Sham 69 songs covered in Sheer Terror style, 'Kaos For Kristin' can be streamed online at:

'Kaos For Kristin' dropped in December on Dead City Records as a benefit release, with all proceeds being donated to help alleviate the medical bills of the family and friends of Kristin Magee who recently lost her battle with cancer.

Vocalist Paul Bearer told Billboard, "We take care of each other when we can, because if we don't, no one else will. We never really wanted to be part of the outside world, so it's up to us to treat each other a little bit better and take care of each other."

'Kaos For Kristin' can be purchased on vinyl 7" picture disc via the Dead City web-store at: and on iTunes at:

A 'Kaos For Kristin' teaser trailer can be seen on YouTube at:  

1. Poor Cow  *featuring Matty-Boy Walenta & Morgan "Balls" King
2. That's Life  *featuring John Deptford (Combat 84)
3. What Have We Got

Originally formed in 1984, Sheer Terror was one of the first bands to combine hardcore punk with a heavier, darker metallic sound, instantly putting the group on the map as a pioneering act in the hardcore, punk and metal scenes.

Throughout the years Sheer Terror has released numerous albums and singles, beginning with the influential debut Just Can't Hate Enough, while appearing on some classic hardcore punk compilations. The band has toured the U.S., Europe and Japan countless times, cementing a permanent place in music history as its legend continues to grow.

Stay tuned for more information on Sheer Terror and 'Kaos For Kristin' EP. 

Sheer Terror online...


3 SHAM 69 covers,recently recorded to help out Mark Magee (CONDEMNED 84,ANTI HEROES,THE GLORY) who lost his wife to cancer.
this release is a benefit to help pay off all the medical bills.
so its for a good cause.


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