donderdag 30 januari 2014

GRIMA & MAL PASO - split tape 2013 (LA)

LA raw ponk!
quality is really raw.some call it bad...
but keep in mind its a crappy rip also.

and pretty sure when they do a proper recording it will sound good.
nothing wrong with the songwriting.
and its hc/punk for godssake,recorded in their rehearsal room i think so what do you expect? 
DIY home made tapes by the bands. in a fluor yellow tray.
still got 3 copies left for distro that will go in the OFAL bigcartel thingy soon...
turn up the volume real loud and youll be fine,your neighbors will luv you.

grima split with mal paso here:

live @ east 7th street,statico punx warehouse here:

more raw tunes here:

can't find anything for MAL PASO no contact or anything,so just send an email to the grima punx and they will help you out.
MAL PASO did an cd-r demo with 9 tracks before this split,sold out offcourse/impossible to find.

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