dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

LAS OTRAS - live @ blackwater records,portland-OR september 1, 2013 (BCN-spain) all titles incl.!

forgot to record their set on life during wartime & no stream available on the kboo site...suuucks.
so spended the whole night on this one.
but came out pretty good.
this is LAS OTRAS as a 3 piece,without Ieri.
she was on strike lol,nah problems with her voice...
so the 3 other ladies are all filling in on vocal duties,pretty damn good job!
keep an eye out for their lp,out NOW & is real good,recorded in their reh. space,RAW...

too bad i can't do a good sounding rip,the one i did sounds crappy/thin... so you gotta buy the record yourself and D.I.Y. ;-0 

but here's the blackwater gig.

edit: with all titles this time! 


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