woensdag 9 oktober 2013

SANGRE KALLEJERA - demo 2013 out soon!

available on lim. ed. tape soon! 
2013 demo by this new band from Santa Catarina-Mexico.
this stuff reminds me of MASSACRE 68/KAGADO DE PERRO,pissed off is the word here.

contacted the band for a lim. tape release and they said,OK.
so this one will be out soon,within a week or 3...OFAL TAPES #1!
insert gonna look like this,still working on the lyricsheet/tape stickers...

together with the GENERACION SUICIDA livetape. OFAL TAPES #2
50 copies of both will be made.
15/20  copies will go to the band,the rest will be available from a small distro/mailorder overhere.
more info will be announced soon.


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