maandag 8 september 2014

ENTROPY - 1984-1985 demo's (venice-santa monica-CA) NEW VERSION!!!

finally done. came out much better as the 1st version, fixed all damaged parts etc...

track 01-07 from the 1985 demo
08-27 from the 1984 demo

info/live tracks/non cd-r demotracks etc here:

1984-1985 demo's stream/download from here:

the track "draft or die" has a shitty ending, version i had missed the last few seconds,
so took it from another source,but quality was poor,but at least its complete now,and the track sounds to good to delete it,
first 21 came out nice,last 6 are rough quality,but as said,still a great listen.
should be on a lp,or the 1985 demo on 7'' ,would be badass!



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