maandag 1 september 2014

CIRITH GORGOR - onwards to the spectral defile cd 1999 (breda-the netherlands)

yep,gonna annoy with more metal,black and dutch this time.
hell yeah,the sound of cirith gorgor isnt far away from bands like hellnation,dead instrument etc so....
cross that bridge & take it! or leave it...

an old bud does the vocals on this disc,also on the 1997 demotape...he joined em after he moved from big city Nijkerk to Breda 
anyone has mp3's of the demotape from 1998? it came out again a few yrs  ago on the firestorm remastered double lp reissue as a bonus on side D...sold my copy of the tape yrs ago...anyone who has it,send it over will ya!??? thx in advance!
think he quit doing vocals in 2006,rejoined em again 2012 or something but didn't record anything with em as far as my knowledge goes.
if your into melodic black metal,give it a try,its a good record! 

Michel,if you ever reading this,hope you and your brother doing good?!


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