zondag 31 augustus 2014

SEPULTURA - live @ aardschokdag,rijnhal-arnhem,the netherlands-europe april 12, 1992

there's a bootleg out of this gig,but with messed up titles on the insert,weird fadeouts,cuts etc...
tried to fix all that crap...but some dickhead took out almost all the crowdnoise,and than did shitty fade ins/outs...butchered.

BUT glued the whole shabang back together,no more 3 seconds silence between the tracks,its stop 'n' go now.
came out nice,still a damn good liveset with an awesome bass sound.
maybe ill use the artwork for a gig from 1996....dr. music fest,gonna be a nice one!!! but maybe copyright issues will ruin it,but we'll see...ill do it for myself anyway,so this one will have a good cut for sure,i wont remove anything.



stream/dl wav/flac/mp3/ogg here:

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