zondag 10 augustus 2014

SANTA CLAUS - 1986-1988 demo's & live (san diego-CA)

underated San Diego-CA crossover from the good ol' days.
disc 1 contains the 1986/1988 demo's 

disc 2 & 3 will have 3 livegigs recorded from the board (42 tracks)

still looking for their 1992 demo...

teaser from 1st demo,it will be +/- 70 tracks in total,done cutting the livesets,but still need some work so 
patience my dear comrades....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Are you still planning on uploading this? The "Rocks in Your Stocking" demo was actually the very first hardcore demo tape I ever bought when I was a youngin' (haven't listened to it in forever) and I actually managed to catch these guys live once. Great stuff...never heard the first demo so I'm way curious and would love to hear that and all of the live stuff.

  2. yeah def. still working on the 2nd & 3rd liveset,shitload of songs...
    check bach after the weekend/next week or something...