maandag 18 augustus 2014

WASTE - history repeats 7'' 1982 + 2 "bonus tracks" (the netherlands) live stuff soon.

4 tracks from the 7'' + 2 with Puk & Muk on vocals,those 2 pimped up live tracks have female vocals by both ladies,unfortunaly these are the only recordings with the ladies on vox. 
underated stuff.

audio from 2 livesets up soon. more info too,too lazy to type at the moment....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for this one! School is top-class kbd the other live cut is a bit Crass-ish and the rest is great punk!


  2. Lol, the gals joined on stage occasionally actually.
    Minds me, the ep will be rereleased shortly via Spotify and Deezer. Meanwhile the band reunited one time in 2012 and recorded this for the Punk's Not Deaf Vol 1 sampler on Repunkerator Records.

    Cheerio, Nonkel RR

  3. laat maar weten als deze van het internet af moet,cheers! D.