zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

DARK LEGION - psychosis demo 1986 (canada) V.1

version 1,can't find the 2nd version,maybe never finished it...???? been awhile

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  1. cleaned version?
    I don't remember for sure who did it, so maybe it was you.
    I haven't uploaded it because Mark Watts is an idiot and refused to let Skar of Megiddo 15 years ago release the demo on CD, because Mark said "that stuff is garbage. I only want people to know the later material only."
    THIS is why bootlegs should be made, when the old band members are assholes.

  2. yeah its "cleaned" but yrs not the best stuff i did...,started on a 2nd version which sounded alot better but can't find it at the moment,so maybe i should redo the whole thing again for the 3rd time ;-0
    i've read something about the bandmembers being ashamed for these recordings,pretty sad,coz this stuff RIPS HARD!!!
    cryptic slaughter canuck style. gooooooood


  3. Well, at least thanks for this version Dan!