donderdag 16 oktober 2014

AFRODITA A (spain) & DESPERFECTO (chile) - demo's (fem. fronted!)

just ordered these 2 tapes and since theyre also available as free download
here ya go:

from sunny Benissa in Spain-Europe
awesome new female fronted band
catchy as hell hc/punk
sounds like bla bla bla,
BUY! great demo!

the other one you need to hear is DESPERFECTO from Chile-South America

demo is released by a couple of labels around the globe,CV recs in canada,polze de la mort recs. did the european release,so get it from there if your living in europe, and pick up the AFRODITA A at the same time....
DESPERFECTO sounds also like it was recorded in the early 80's,awesome fem vox,
and same as the AFRODITA A demo,catchy as hell.
been awhile since i heard a demo like this from a band from Chile.
they will record 4 new songs (7''?) in november so keep an eye out for those! 

both highly recommended!!!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Desperfecto from Concepción, my hometown! :) I dont have this stuff so thanks, sounds great, i'll try to buy it asap.

  2. NICE! go record some rehearsal-live stuff so i can put it on here! ;-0
    and i was a bit lazy with paying for the tapes (that's me...) but just paid the damn $'s so all goooood now.