zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

SLAYER - live @ hembygdspark,hultsfred festival-sweden june 14, 2002 (God hates the world tour) AUDIO DONE/CD-R back laterrr


inside front

front/inside-fold out



click on images to enlarge!

great sounding gig! broadcasted on swedish TV.
remember the good ol'days when you could hear the bass in recordings???
this recordings sounds like it comes from the early 80's...
guitar sound could be better but that's the only thing you could complain about.

got a few more badass sounding SLAYER gigs that ill put up asap,
will make shitty covers for em so you can D.I.Y. and burn/print em...

cheers Jeff!

tagged mp3 version here:

in case your gonna burn this,use the WAV version,same goes for streaming online,choose the uncompressed version,sounds better!

uncompressed/lossless versions here:


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