woensdag 31 maart 2010

CATWEAZLE - 1988-1997 cd-r UPDATED!!!! NEW LINK!!!!

probably one of the best songs ever written in holland,grinding speed,really amazing track
sound of the drums on the '89 demo reminds of the hollow three sound of early D.R.I.,cleaned it up a bit-tapenoise removed,so cant go wrong...only 2 tracks that are missing are the 2 live tracks from the "holland sux" comp on bitzcore recs,dont have it,will add it when i find it...
without back cover/cd sticker,so you dont have to wait this time,got a "paint injury" ;-) so not typing/painting much last days,muscles in my neck/back are cramped or whatever,it sucks,seeing weird black spots when watching at my screen so it might be better to chill a bit next 2 weeks ;-)
uploading after converting to mp3 so 30 min...from now it will be up...

for more info you should visit the official CATWEAZLE site,run by bacteria who put out the 1st demo and also did vox on the last track of the '89 demo


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  1. Yeah! Love this band, used to have the old demos, thank you!!!

  2. BTW, just posting anonymous because it's such a pain in the ass to sign in! My name's Jay, I'm at Borneojimy@aol.com.