zaterdag 6 maart 2010

VA - STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART - an NC/HC compilation 2x cd-r


HIGHPOINTE FLYERS/PICS thx to mikeX for the flyers! couldnt find anything in all those years ;-) they had a website ca 5 yrs ago,but cant remember/find it anymore...but the band pics came from that site...

Izzy - drums

Derec - vocals

Nick - guitar

Dan - bass

All these bands are connected to TFS!
2 discs of north carolina hardcore from ca 1997 - 2006
looks goooooood i think,better rips of the until today 7''-es/comp tracks laterrrrr, (violent change has a skip)still have the vinyl in my collection so just a matter of time....
more info later,uploading is still going

disc 1

disc 2

THE FIRST STEP - last show @ the champ,lemoyne-PA

as 1 video,not the clips!!!!
hate clips,but loved the footage so i emailed Sunny from HATE5SIX awhile ago
and told him i wanted to burn it to dvd but those clips on dvd would suck
he was kind enough to send me the show as one file so it would better on dvd
so big THX to him!!!!!!!!!
TFS isnt the only video he tapes,he filmed hundreds of hardcore videos,and you can see/dl em all on or  

lately hes been putting up only full sets without the track titles in the video so thats even nicer
dude does an incredible job,hours and hours of taping in a row,and later converting stuff,for nothing
well for YOU and me
if you dl some vids and got some extra bucks you can miss,donate it to him!!! (yeah ill too ! )
so he can buy his tapes,pay his provider etc...

heres the divx file,its +/- 550 mb

you have to unzip the rar file ( if you cant play the vid
dl VLC player @ 

or just burn it to dvd,and watch it full screen,looks good!

in last 3 tracks the audio sounds poor,bummer... but his tape had problems,but Wrench from TEN YARD FIGHT filmed the show also and was kind enough to provide him the audio for the last 3 tracks.

dvd cover will follow,think i can make one in 15 min ;-)


2 opmerkingen:

  1. very sweet stuff, fingerpointing sxe in the house here. If you have a solid recrding of the Xfed upX
    demo, that would be great. I also found the brotherhood video from a Spokane show, in 89, you need ??

  2. LOVE until today and reinforce (and the first step), but thanks for posting this. I was missing some of the until today stuff.

    Great as always!