zondag 21 maart 2010

DON'T NO - 1983-1986 CD-R

demo '83,7'' '85,lp '86 + liveset @ cathay de grande,hollywood-CA '84 58 tracks in total

Mr. Kenny couldnt wait so here it is with shitty back cover,go blame him ;-0

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  1. Hey man I gotta hear these recordings! My dad used to be good friends with these guys back in the day, I used to love listening to their track on my We Got Power vol. 3 Compilation!! Hey if you can e-mail me when you have it up or i will check back in a couple days!! Right on! I'm stoked i found this site.

    my email: toysrusdeathsquad@yahoo.com

  2. Blame me all you want but it doesnt matter unless its fast and loud...I couldnt get the link to work is it www.mediafire.com/?

  3. fell asleep,sorry
    works now! have fun!

  4. dude...fuckin brilliant! thanks a lot!

    hey I recently got my studio up and functioning. I had this old roomate that i used to jam with before in previous groups and he showed me some licks and i got my friend who plays drums we got a sound going for us. When a finished mastered demo copy is ready i'd like to let you check it out its like a mix of rockabilly and some punk haha i dont know how to explain it really but here is a song to listen to we just made it up in a half hour on the spot and recorded it for fun.


  5. track 6 has an error :/ but everything else is great. :]