donderdag 20 augustus 2015

FALSE LIBERTY - the zoo is free-silence is consent 1986-1987 cd-r (seattle-WA) V.2


Greg and Vic formed brotherhood after FL and you know they released some good stuff,also on this blog btw...

same goes for FALSE LIBERTY
fast to ultra fast songs combined with good lyrics what more do you want?
the demo should be released onto vinyl,its a classic in my book and im not alone in this for sure

emailed Greg about it...and he told me if they find the last member ,southern lord recs (Greg's own label) will probably release it in the near future,PRETTY DAMN COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

hope they find the dude quick coz this stuff rules,an lp with the demo on side a & the 7'' on side b would be absolutely killer!
Greg - vocals
Justin - guitar
Pete - bass
Vic - drums

7'' recorded @ the shoreline studios july '86 released in '87 on ONE STEP AHEAD recs from san fransisco-CA

artwork by Drew Elliot (front = art from the centerlabel of the 7'' back=front 7'')

nothing more to be said.
go dl it,as soon it will be released,this post will be deleted so enjoy for now!
can't find a myspace or website so this is all you get...


damn,new comp and see what a crappy cdr covers i made lol,contrast issue,will fix soon.
demo can use some corrections too.will fix too sooner or laterrrrrrrrr.

but heres a new link stream & d/l

12 opmerkingen:

  1. this is missing track number 2, the electric funeral cover?
    can you upload

  2. Dave,
    i mention in the post theres a missing track or title mistake
    dl-ed the demo as a 1 track and tracklisting was 7 titles but couldnt find 7 tracks in that one track
    the other rip thats floating around also has 6 tracks,and no mention of the (2nd track as you say)
    if i had the track i would have included it but i have to dissapoint you,hate to put up incomplete stuff but this is all i have...

  3. Dan the track "Casual Attitude" splits into "Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath)" (1:09) and "Casual Attitude" (1:20)

  4. no shit!?

    you don't wanna know how many times i listened but couldnt hear it...but im not into BS so don't know the song either...but ill redo it tomorrow or something and split up the tracks into 2

  5. Dan, can you reup this? Thanks