dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

RUIDO - discografia 1997-2000 (los angeles-CA)

everything they did from 1997-2000!
used the 1st 7''/INSULT split tracks + most of the compilation tracks from the blogged and quarterred version and fooled a bit with the sound (volume changes and some other corrections)
all the others came from Gen's orig. files and sound really good compared to the vinyl...somehow in the pressing process the sound got messed up on the records,coz most records had too much bass in the drums and the drums were on the front etc...the only bad thing about the records...
but most of the songs in this discography sound much cleaner now...

and you'll also get the "lost" version of the lp master,they used a tape dub for the lp,coz they couldn't find the the orig. master...
the lp tracks in here sound different and much better as the ones used for the know recs lp,the only track that's still lost from the lp master is ''estoy confundido"...but ''you're not human" from the reality comp was included,so you'll also get a nice clean version of the reality comp. track

i think it came out pretty damn good coz i'm playing this over and over...BUT it still needs a few changes to some of the demotracks (volume jumps a little bit in #11-vete,and hear a few other things i wanna change too)

and for those who don't know...their early work reminds of a more heavy LOS CRUDOS with dual pissed off vocals!!!
on the F.O.B. split and KLXU live 7'' they we're heading to a CHARLES BRONSON/OATH sound...
i can write more bullshit but you all know this is a great collection by a great band.
79 tracks 63 minutes! hell yeah!

RUIDO - discografia tape or digipack cd,not sure yet....
more info will be announced soon...

RUIDO 1997-2000

Gen - vocals 1997-2000 sessions)
Richard - vocals (1998 sessions)
Aimee - bass (1997-1998 sessions)
Isaiah - bass (2000 sessions)
Mike - guitar (1997 sessions)
Trashead - guitar (1998 sessions)
Lamin - guitar (2000 sessions)
Steve - drums (1997-2000)

thx to Gen for sending/sharing the original DAT/WAV files with the masses.
 and Vin
http://bloggedquartered.blogspot.com for letting me steal/use his rips

http://www.myspace.com/ruido for more info....

edit: orig. posted in oct. 2012 but link was dead for awhile so from now on you can stream and d/l it from here: 

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  1. i can add it but not sure if the boss is ok with it,ill ask him but he's probably hanging out in church all day ;-0
    when he's back i'll ask for his blessing.


  2. the LP is already on a million blogs, don't piss off the boss! ha.

  3. the boss is ok with it,he sended the orig. wav files so you all get the best quality mp3 possible!