donderdag 13 augustus 2015

Generacion Suicida (live) @ Manic Relapse Fest 2015.3.7 @ World Rage Cen...

you all know what this means right,GS livetape #4,the 3rd is just on it's way to CA...and Adrien,if you read this,i didn't forget you,still got a few copies for you lying around here too,both versions...i'll make sure you'll get em,got some other unfinished business in france so ill promise you'll get your copies soon!

but got the ok to do a livetape of this gig also,why a 4th livetape?,because they're fucking good live,all said.

and i'll email the dude that shot the video if he is willing to provide an uncompressed version of the audio... and  pretty sure this will be a another great GS livetape after some corrections,and again it will include a new unreleased track...for now you have to do it with this,can't do anything on this comp. but audio + tape insert up ASAP!


and almost forgot...CHEERS!!!!!

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