vrijdag 9 maart 2012

AVSKUM - demo 1982 (sweden-old-fast-and-loud remaster 2012 ;-0)

re-released on cd and in 2010 on 7'' by Prank records
completely missed this release...

so started cleaning the tape,after a few tracks,i thought,lets look if its released and damn yeah,thought wasted my time,but after checking the orig tape rip and 7'' version,i came to the conclusion i prefer to listen to my own version
you know, i like raw/fucked up recordings...;-0
this might sound a bit over the top,but give it a try & PLAY LOUUUUD! your neighbors will luuuv it!

maybe tomorrow another version,track 2,3 & 4 might need a few changes,we'll see...

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